Saturday, October 10, 2009

Give It Up For You by jamesajohnson

Give It Up For You by jamesajohnson

This is a song about being down there, feeling at the end of your rope. And the One that can pull you out.

Take one step toward God, and He will take two steps toward you.

And each step you go, ends up feeling better and better. Eventually you wonder what is the next step? What is the next thing you can work on, to be closer to Him? What might you have to do? What might you have to give up?

One thing is sure, its worth it.

GreenWater Music

This blog is the chronicle the journey of creating the first album for GreenWater. The name refers to the Biblical concept that knowing Jesus will create rivers of Living Water that will flow from you, helping others. Greenwater is the project i have been working on for the last year or so, and album that looks like it will contain 16 songs. I wanted to share with you some of the meaning behind the songs, and some of the fun of recording a project like this.

The songs come to me often as tunes in my head, lyrics i start humming, sometimes while riding my motorcycle. God inspires, as we meditate on Him. And these words, given to us, are for our growth and the growth of others. So i write.

The music is recorded in my little studio, one track at a time. I record and play all the instruments myself. Normally i find a nice drumbeat on my keyboard and that basis becomes track one. Normally acoustic guitar comes next, then bass, keyboards and lead guitar are all laid on top one track at a time.

So far i havent had anyone contribute, but im looking for a female vocalist that can bring some Gwen Stefani and Ella Fitzgerald to the mix, and a live drummer always sounds better of course!

But i really cant wait for other musicians to sync up to what God has me burdened with, although it would be great to have a band, its also a lot of work. Its not so bad when i can do this in my spare time, by myself.

The album has my varied tastes, influenced by my Southern California upbringing, following Stone Temple Pilots, Everclear, Greenday, POD, and No Innocent Victim. Throw in the twelve years in Detroit, and some hip hop and other influences added themselves in the form of Eminem, Kid Rock and Motown. Lastly are the greats that i listen to nowadays, Mercy Me, Day of Fire, Jason Morant, John Reuben, and Toby Mac.

I write what comes to me, and i dont really intend to sell it. Im not looking for a career, or to pimp the gift. Download and copy all my songs for free if you like. If you come to a show and want a CD I'll sell you one, cuz they cost something to make, but otherwise, this is just to build you up in Christ.

I hope you enjoy the music, God Bless You.